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CricWhiz: Game of Predictions

published at November 13, 2021

Have you ever made a bet with a friend about a game or have you been confused about the answer to a question in an exam? Life is riddled with choices where you often rely on guesses and predictions. From choosing the answer on your exam sheet to predicting how many runs your favourite team will make we all make guesses. But making a guess or a prediction means you might lose something if you get it wrong. What if there was a way where you make predictions based on your instincts and research, and you don't lose anything even if your prediction is wrong ? CricWhiz provides you with the opportunity to make predictions on domestic and international matches giving you the opportunity to win a fortune by getting your predictions correct. Even if you get your prediction wrong, you can just wait for the next match to try again. The abundance of games and the 1/3rd possibility of choosing the right option add more dimensions to the game.

Taking a bigger risk can lead to a bigger reward

The game also gives you the option to take the risk for a bigger, more lucrative reward. Let's say you want to go safe and choose a bigger range of possible runs then you go with the 1x reward. If you want to aim for a higher reward, then you take a bigger risk to get the 3x reward. The tradeoff is simple: the higher the risk, the higher the potential reward.

Doing better at predictions

It can be nearly impossible to make a proper match forecast based on historical performance. There are a number of ifs and buts, such as weather, pitch report, and toss. As a result, the users have to devote a significant amount of time to research every available detail before making their decision to amplify their chances of getting the rewards. To do better at predictions regarding match performances, you have to prepare a list of the most significant players from each team. You also have to consider how these players can help the team win on that particular pitch in those circumstances. The users also have to analyze the consistency and recent form of both the players and the team.

Acknowledging The Luck Factor

There’s a fair amount of luck involved in the process. You can always guess but there’s an equal possibility of getting your prediction wrong. With the specific sets of questions in the game, you can never truly figure out what the right choice will be. The uncertain nature of the game is similar to the fantasy team creation process. However, this only brings more fun to the game. You never know if you are going to hit the jackpot or if it’s another regular day of enjoying the game.

Providing a better overall performance

All cricket fans nowadays have a knack for making match predictions and they compete with their friends on getting the right prediction. CricWhiz allows you to use your analytical skills, while keeping in mind every potential situation. CricWhiz is dedicated to provide cricket fans with a great gaming experience from every possible way. CricWhiz already provided you the opportunity to build your fantasy team for any cricket match. The prediction system is just another option for you to explore to make the best out of the game. Since, everyone has a great shot at choosing the right answer, this can be the starting point for relatively new users still figuring out the details of the app. You can also redeem your rewards after getting points the same way you can after winning in a fantasy game.

Enjoying the game of cricket

At the end of the day, you are only making predictions. As a result, your predictions might go wrong under different circumstances. However, in the process you will get to the heart of a team's thoughts and gain a better understanding of a cricket match. The best part of making predictions is how easy and simple the process is. Even if you are out of the loop for a game, you can still make a prediction based on your instincts and you might even get that reward.

CricWhiz, the most popular fantasy cricket game in Bangladesh, lets you make predictions and make your ideal fantasy team. Because of the simple nature of the game anyone with knowledge about cricket can start earning all the rewards.

Download CricWhiz – The Best Fantasy Cricket App right now to experience the true thrill of fantasy cricket online and win real prizes every day.

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