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CricWhiz’s Interview Series: Session 1

published at October 20, 2021
CricWhiz’s Interview Series: Session 1

CricWhiz in its series of interviews will bring to you thoughts and feedback from a number of players of the game. Before we start off the first interview, let’s talk about how the pandemic has affected the world of fantasy cricket.

The pandemic has hit the sporting world hard and cricket was no exception to this. International cricket came to a halt for more than 3 months before England hosted The West Indies to a test match. Even when matches did resume it took a long time before fans could enjoy the matches from the stadium. Despite all the setbacks, nothing could dampen the interests of fellow cricket lovers around the world. Fans have followed the matches with renewed zeal as if there never were a pause. With international and franchise cricket resuming, fantasy premier league also started its course.

The Covid-induced pandemic meant many fans were missing out on the fun of watching matches live from the audience. Fantasy cricket gave the fans what they wanted at the convenience of their homes. This has caused an influx of new users in the biggest cricket fantasy league in Bangladesh, CricWhiz.

Naveed Adnan, a second-year BBA student , started his fantasy cricket journey in the beginning of 2021 and has since turned into an avid fan of the game. We kick off our series of interviews with Naveed who talks about his experience and recounts the highlights so far.

You started playing Fantasy Cricket League in 2021. What got you to join?

Naveed: I have always been a fan of Fantasy Premier League. The game has always been very close to my heart as I have witnessed lots of ups and downs over the years playing the game. I was looking for something similar in cricket and then I came across CricWhiz. The pandemic made me miss the euphoria of attending matches live and fantasy cricket was a great way for me to follow the game of cricket closely.

How has your experience been so far?

Naveed: I was frankly surprised by how a game in Bangladesh has managed to hold such a great standard consistently. I have thoroughly enjoyed the game and am waiting anxiously for the T20 WorldCups to show my prediction skills.

What is it you like about the game?

Naveed: Three aspects of the game that initially caught my eye were that the game is easily accessible, local and free-to-play. The free-to-play nature was a big attraction for me as I could make all the decisions without any care in the world. On the other hand, if I did manage to win there were enticing prizes waiting for me. I was also able to use real life knowledge of players and the sport to do data analysis. Being a BBA student, I believe I managed to take in a few real life skills from the game.

What was your strategy while playing the game?

Naveed: I believe in taking risks; therefore, I would always be adventurous while making decisions. If I’m being honest, this risky attitude would not work out most of the times. Despite that, I have no regrets; I believe you get to enjoy the game most when you are taking risks after all.

Have you got any tips you could pass on to new and inexperienced CricWhiz players?

Naveed: To have the most fun while playing the game, I would recommend going with your gut. On the other hand, you will have better results with calculated decisions based on match statistics. However, you would still need to think outside the box to best other players in the game.

In your opinion, what changes to the game would make it better?

Naveed: In all honesty, I think the game is great the way it is. I would hate to be nit-picky, but a small change can make the game more enjoyable. Playing with friends amplifies the fun in any game. I think an option can be added where people can join a single league with a code or invite. It will help anyone to compete with friends and family in a much simpler manner.

What do you think about the future of fantasy cricket in Bangladesh ?

Naveed: I believe the future of fantasy cricket is bright in Bangladesh. If we look at the enormous success fantasy cricket has achieved in our neighbouring country, we can rest assured that the game is here for the long haul. Being an avid fan of Fantasy Premier League, I have seen how a big community has been created around the game. Considering how big the fan base of cricket is in Bangladesh, I only expect it to be larger in case of fantasy cricket.

CricWhiz, the most popular fantasy cricket game in Bangladesh, lets you make predictions and make your ideal fantasy team. Because of the simple nature of the game anyone with knowledge about cricket can start earning all the rewards.

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