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published at October 4, 2021

The worldwide Fantasy Sports industry is huge, raking in billions of dollars every year. Bangladesh is no exception to this fantasy sports mania, with thousands of active players in Fantasy Cricket Apps.

Fantasy cricket is a fun game that provides hours of enjoyment to any individual sharing the love of cricket. The sense of satisfaction you achieve when you see your predictions being spot-on is quite unparalleled. Yet, there's more to the game than meets the eye.

Having fun with friends

Every game is far more enjoyable when you have friends to play it with. In fantasy cricket, you can challenge your friend to make a better team than you can. If your friend fails, you are the one with all the bragging rights gloating over your friend's failure. If you fail, you can always get them back at the next match. Fantasy cricket is all about enjoying yourself be it with your friends, colleagues or random cricket enthusiasts around the country.

Participating in discussions

One of the largest highlights of Fantasy Cricket is the heated discussions that happen outside the app. The last thing you would want is someone to tell you that they know more about cricket than you. Everyday, thousands of users vie for their supremacy with other users by placing arguments and counter-arguments to prove that their team is superior. This is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game as you get to find like-minded individuals on the internet. On the other hand, you get to silence all the know-it-alls by showing who the real cricket guru is.

Making data-driven decisions

To excel at Fantasy Cricket you can't rely exclusively on sheer luck, instead you have to make data driven decisions. Fantasy Cricket is a strategy based game where you need to make informed decisions based on a number of variables. An avid fan would watch matches religiously to make sure he/she can make the best decisions possible. The fan would then compare statistics, analyze recent performances of the players and check pitch conditions before making the decision. Let's say you are a student still figuring out how to manage your finances or the concept of investment is still relatively new to you. You are certain to learn a lot of those decision making skills early in your life by playing fantasy cricket. See, there's something for everyone in fantasy cricket.

Earning lucrative rewards

Since you get to earn prizes and rewards from playing the game, the decisions you make have far-reaching effects. You can earn anything from in-game currency to a fortune in real life. Cricwhiz, the leading fantasy cricket app in Bangladesh, provides its users the opportunity to even win a flight to Bangkok for free. Even if you don't manage to win the larger rewards, you will still get to earn vouchers and other goodies pretty easily. This only adds to the competitive nature of the game, as there's one more reason for you to battle it out with other players.

Escaping from normalcy

Play a game with your friends, make a team with the players you love, and win rewards doing something you enjoy. Fantasy cricket gives you the opportunity to escape from the normalcy of everyday life by letting you enjoy the game we all love: Cricket. The sport is more exciting than ever as you get to have twice the fun. If you get to enjoy your leisure after a 9-5 job, or a hectic day filled with classes and assignments, why miss the chance? The game is so simple and easily accessible that anyone can fit it in their busy schedules. Once you are invested in the game, you can for once forget all the pending deadlines.

Enjoying the game of cricket

The game of cricket has been exploding in popularity in the country over the years. Cricket is now a household staple across the country with millions of people tuning into their television to catch a glimpse of their favourite cricketers. The game of fantasy cricket only elevates the love for the game as it allows you to immerse yourself in the game. You will find yourself monitoring every detail of the game and analyzing the strengths and flaws of each player as the season continues.

By leading the leader board, grab yourself the chance to be the ultimate cricket guru among your friends, family, and coworkers.

CricWhiz, the most popular fantasy cricket game in Bangladesh, lets you make predictions and make your fantasy team. Because of the simple nature of the game anyone with knowledge about cricket can start earning all the rewards.

Download CricWhiz – The Best Fantasy Cricket App right now to experience the true thrill of fantasy cricket online and win real prizes every day.

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