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How To Win Fantasy Cricket Games On CricWhiz?

published at August 10, 2021
How To Win Fantasy Cricket Games On CricWhiz?

Winning a fantasy cricket match can be a daunting task for most cricket fans. One needs some considerable skills to do well in fantasy cricket. Only a few fantasy managers can form a very good fantasy team which helps them to win one match after another. To do well in fantasy cricket, one has to do a lot of research with the players to form a fantasy team. You must need to stay updated about all the cricket news, players’ fitness & various team combinations.

Check out these strategies that will help you build your fantasy team. Remember,it’s almost impossible to top the fantasy leaderboard without strategy.

Players’ recent form & past performance:

Team selection is the most important part of fantasy cricket. You must pick those players who can play well in the match and help you to get the most points. When you select a player, his recent form and past performance must be taken into account. If someone's recent performance is exceptional then never hesitates to take him to the team.

Importance of Batting order, All-rounder & Captaincy

In T20 cricket, it is better to have a team with top order batsmen. If the top order batsmen do well, your team will also collect good points and move to a better position on the leaderboard. Players who are in excellent form need to be selected as captain or vice-captain. If you make an all-rounder the captain or vice-captain of your fantasy team, he may get points by bowling even if he fails to bat!

Don't just team up with your favorite players!

Everyone wants to build the dream team with his favorite players. But fantasy team should be sorted out by doing a lot of calculations. A balanced team should be prepared depending on the price of the players. Right combination of batsmen,bowlers and all-rounders can win you games.

Toss, Pitch Report & Weather

In cricket, a lot depends on the toss. Outcome of the toss can change the entire cricket game. Playing eleven is also announced during the toss. So, wait for the toss and make the necessary changes for your team. Weather and pitch can also play a crucial part in cricket. If the match is played in the subcontinent, keep less foreign players in your fantasy team. And if there is a chance of rain, try to keep the hard hitters in the team.

Trust your mind!

If you feel that a specific player will play well today then pick him. But, only take 1-2 such players in the team; if you take more than that, the balance of the team maybe lost.

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