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CricWhiz brings Private Fantasy Cricket League

published at February 15, 2022
CricWhiz brings Private Fantasy Cricket League

Bangladesh is a country with crazy Cricket fans. It’s not just a sport here. Cricket is an emotion. It can make us laugh; it can make us cry. It can make us jump like crazy with euphoria; it can make us sob like a child. When the Bangladesh Cricket team wins, it feels like an Eid day. And when they lose, sometimes it feels like we’ve been betrayed by our lovers. When the team wins, the whole country wins. Hence, we needed to give these crazy fans a platform to show their passion for cricket; their knowledge about the game and a community of cricket crazy fans where they would feel a sense of belongingness.

Keeping these in mind, during the 2019 Cricket World Cup, CricWhiz brought a free fantasy game app for Cricket to the cricket fans. We, at CricWhiz are always trying to improve the user experience by fixing bugs, solving the problems faced by the users and bringing new features like Prediction game, referral leaderboard etc. Private league is the latest addition to this list by CricWhiz.

Ever since we’ve started, we always wanted to keep this app completely free from any kind of betting. That is why, to make things more interesting, we are always looking for these kinds of additions which doesn’t require us to collect any kind of money from the users. Also, we wanted to give our users an opportunity to play fantasy cricket with their friends, colleagues, relatives, or anyone else. The key point is, they can now pick the people with whom they want to compete with.

If you want to involve in cricket related activities with your friends outside the cricket field, or you want to see who’s got the bigger cricketing brain among your colleagues, or you want to compete with another friend circle/department/section/hall; Private League in CricWhiz is the thing you’ve been missing. Now, there is a platform for just like Fantasy Premier League, but for cricket.

How to create a Private League and how it works:

  1. The person creating the league will be called the “Host”. The Host would be required to select a name for his private league. For example, if the host wants to create a private league with only his friends from Dhaka University, he can name it “DU_BPL Fantasy League”.
  2. A unique code will be generated for every Private league once it’s created. The host will share this code with his friends. If a user has the unique code, only then he/she will be able to join that private league. A Private league can be created at any time of a series, and only the remaining matches of that series will be included in your private league.
  3. A host can create up to 10 different private leagues for every series. There will be different leaderboards for every contest. If there are 20 members in your private league, the leaderboard for that contest will contain all the 20 members and they will be ranked according to their total points.
  4. If there are 5 matches in a series, there will be leaderboards for individual matches and there will also be a combined leaderboard for the whole series counting the total points of each member.

Will CricWhiz provide any kind of rewards to the members of a private league?

No. Private leagues are introduced just to give you a personal and familiar space among the app where you can choose with whom you want to compete with. CricWhiz will not provide any kind of reward to the top ranked player or winner of your private league. But if you want to, you can arrange it yourselves. CricWhiz will continue its manner of rewarding users with Cricchips through daily fantasy, series fantasy or predictions.

We once again want to thank our users. They have been very supporting and encouraged us a lot in our journey till now. We look forward to making it a memorable one for everyone. Happy Fantasy!

Why don't you give it a try by clicking the link below? Download CricWhiz

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