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CricWhiz is a platform for all cricket enthusiast people who have an enormous amount of knowledge on cricket and also have a great understanding of the game and are willing to actively participate in the game by sharing their thoughts regarding various aspects of the game especially on playing 11.

CricWhiz offers the most engaging online contests for cricket fans. We are giving you the opportunity to showcase your cricketing skills by creating your own team and take part in any contest available on our platform. Your mission is to beat thousands of other players like you who think they have what it takes to beat you! Show off what you got by sending your best team forward and beat them all to top the leaderboard and win lots of exclusive prizes.

To build your squad, choose players from both teams within a maximum budget of 100 credits. You will earn points from these players on the basis of their real performance on the field. Your team points will decide your rank and therefore your rewards. Its time for the selector in you to barge forward!

Type of Contest

Currently, CricWhiz is offering two types of fantasy contests: Single Match and Series.

Single Match Contest

Users can join in every single match contest available on CricWhiz have a chance to win a hefty sum of rewards in every contest. In the Single match contest, users submit their own team based on the players in the real squad of the two teams and compete against the teams from all other users on that contest. At the end of the match, the winners (usually rank 1 - 100) will get rewards as CricChips automatically.

Tournament/Series Contest

The Series contest is a CricWhiz exclusive format. It spans over multiple matches either covering an entire series or a set of matches (Round). You don’t need to create any team for joining the series contest. When you participate in any of the Single Match contests, you will automatically be enrolled in the Series Contest. Easy, huh?

As you participate in each contest in a Series, your total series points will be calculated by summing up the points you earned from each of the Single Match contests you played in that series. At the end of the series, teams who top the series leaderboards (usually rank 1 - 100) will earn huge rewards in CricChips. Thus, it's really important to participate in every single match contest in the series to maintain a top position on the series leaderboard.

The Series contests are intense -- it requires the right balance between skill, taking risks, planning ahead, and patience. Series contests are designed for the pros, and therefore have Mega prizes! This is an exciting contest format exclusive to CricWhiz that is much simpler to play but jam-packed with an intense thrill!

If you aren't playing for the Series, you're just missing out on one of the best CricWhiz gems!

Create Your Team and Join a contest

Follow these easy steps to create your team and join a contest:

Step 1: Select a Match

Select any of the upcoming matches from any of the current or upcoming cricket series and click on the 'Join Contest' button.

Step 2: Create your Team

Use your knowledge and showcase your skills to create your team by selecting 11 players. Your team needs to consist the following:

  • 1-2 Wicket-keeper
  • 3/5 Batsmen
  • 1/3 All-rounders
  • 3/5 Bowlers

Sort players as per their teams and credits. You can take maximum 7 players from a single team and can spend maximum 100 credits to form a team.

Step 3: Select Captain & Vice-Captain

After creating your team, choose a Captain & Vice-Captain for the team.

  • Captain - Gets 2x points scored by him in the actual game
  • Vice-Captain - Gets 1.5x points scored by him in the actual game

Step 4: Submit your team to join contest

Click the submit button to submit your team. You can submit only one team for each match. You must submit your team before the deadline – 10 minutes before Official match start time. The teams cannot be edited/updated post the deadline of the respective match.

Step 5: Watch the match and Follow the Leaderboard

Watch the real match and track your points, ranking in the live leaderboards. Your players accumulate points based on their real life performance. Make sure you keep an eye on the live leaderboard regularly!

Managing your Team

You can make as many changes to your teams as you like until the deadline of that match!

You can also change your Captain or Vice-Captain before the deadline of the match. Just go to my arena and Select the "Update Team" button to make changes to your team.

Points System

Your team will score points based on the real-life performances of the players. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how the Points System works:



Strike rate(Bat)

Min balls faced1020n/a
Strike Rate60 - 7050 - 60-1
Strike Rate50 - 6040 - 50-2
Strike Rate00 - 5000 - 40-3


Four wickets422
Five wickets844
Maiden over42n/a

Economy rate

Min Overs25n/a
Economybelow 4.0below 2.53
Economy4.0 - 5.02.5 - 3.52
Economy5.0 - 6.03.5 - 4.51
Economy9.0 - 10.07.0 - 8.0-1
Economy10.0 - 11.08.0 - 9.0-2
Economymore than 11.0more than 9.0-3




Risk FactorT20ODITEST
Playing XI222
Man of the match101010

Things to Remember

  • Your Captain will receive 2 times the actual points for his real-match performance
  • Your Vice-Captain will receive 1.5 times the points for his real-match performance
  • For canceled/abandoned/no-result matches, the Single Match contest will be CANCELED. There will be no rewards in this case.
  • Substitutes on the field will score points for fielding but won't earn the points for being in the playing XI.
  • Data is provided by reliable sources and once the points have been marked as completed, i.e. winners have been declared, no further adjustments will be made (unless the data needs correction).


You can view your ranking for a particular single match contest or any tournament contest in the Leaderboards. Live leaderboards get updated every minute.


You will win CricChips as a reward in every Single Match or Series contest if you secure a winning rank in the leaderboard. The rank-based rewards in CricChips will be declared before the start of the match or series. You can check the rewards in the Rewards tab inside the match and series leaderboards. CricChips can be redeemed at the CricWhiz Marketplace.

Remember, the rewards for Series contests will always be greater than the rewards for a Single Match contest in that series.


To redeem a gift you need to visit our marketplace. The marketplace is the place where lots of sponsored gifts are available to redeem. Check the required CricChips alongside for the gift you want. You can claim any gift if you have earned the CricChips required for it.

When you claim a reward, our team will contact you and will arrange to deliver your reward accordingly. The complete process may take one or two weeks.

Our Marketplace is updated regularly as we try to include more exciting prizes to keep up with the trend. So keep an eye on the available gifts regularly to find out if your cravings are up for claim!