How To Play

Predictions is a round-based (weekly, 10-days, etc.) challenge that puts your sports knowledge to the ultimate test. You need to participate in the prediction round by answering several prediction questions every day and accumulate points based on your accuracy. At the end of the round, the player accumulating the highest points will top the leaderboard and win the highest rewards.

You are not required to make every available prediction. However, if you miss one, other players may beat you to it. Thus, the more you predict successfully the higher your chance will be to top the leaderboard! 

How to Participate:

The above animated image shows how to participate in a prediction game. Let us explain it step by step below as well:

Step – 1: Choose a question to predict from the Predictions tab

Step – 2: Pick your answer

Step – 3:  Select a challenge

Step – 4: Click on Submit to submit your answer

You can make unlimited changes before the cut-off time.

Point System


Alright, time to go make some predictions! Good luck!